We bring mentorship, learning, and vital basics to the Newtowne Woodside Community.

Join our community of donors bringing help for people in need.


We exist to see families healthy and thriving

Our roots are in Newtowne
Our vision in a thriving Annapolis

We are the router for Annapolis’ inner city. We bring mentorship, learning, and vital basics to the Newtowne Woodside Community

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Volunteers coordinated in Newtowne and Woodside over 10 years
Pounds of food distributed to Newtowne and Woodside
Hours of tutoring

Long before it was in fashion, Newtowne Community Development was fighting to bring equity of opportunity in the areas of education, health, income potential, and more. We do this through the recruitment of mentors and the deployment of funding.

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Our focus areas

Family Life

We seek to strengthen nuclear families. Whatever a household looks like, we meet them where they are and give them the resources to thrive.


Through activities like Homework Haven, NCD has brought hundreds of tutors that have sacrificed thousands of hours to brighten young minds.

Career Skills

Whether it’s on Wall Street, Silicon Valley, a machine shop, as a teacher or whatever one may become, we seek to train people to achieve their highest job potential.


Through the Woodside Pantry, we have fed numerous families. It is not enough to strengthen, education and train families if they cannot eat. NCD has filled the gap.

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